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Torrent Details For "Windows Server 2016 x64 VL By AG + Update 08.2018"

Windows Server 2016 x64 VL By AG + Update 08.2018

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Name:Windows Server 2016 x64 VL By AG + Update 08.2018
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All recommended updates are integrated into September 2017. The Diagnostics Tracking Service is disabled for the script at the end of the installation. With these exceptions, the editorial version of the OS is unchanged. The assembly is based on the original MSDN images List of automatically installed programs Visual C ++ Redistributable Package 2005 ... 2017 7 x64 17.01 a Zip- \ sources \ $ OEM $ \ $$ \ the Setup \ the Scripts \ the SetupComplete.cmd ps if you do not need it just uninstall SetupComplete.cmd before starting the installation (the truth is, however, it turns off the Diagnostics Tracking Service) The Snappy Driver Installer with drivers on 09.2017 for LAN / Chipset / MassStorage / USB is added to the image A small set of Snappy Driver Installer R1790 with drivers for 09.2017 for LAN / Chipset / MassStorage / USB is added to the image - \ sources \ $ OEM $ \ $ 1 \ Users \ Public \ Desktop \ Soft \ Drivers \ Driver \ SDI_1790 ~ 500mb When you start SDI_x64_R1790. exe shell can install the necessary drivers, and with the presence of Inet, tighten the selected driver packages or update the selected drivers. Notes After installation on the desktop in the folder Support will be a folder with activators. By selecting the required KMSAuto Net or AAct activator in KMS Tools Portable, you need to start it. In the activated shell of the activator, you need to find the "Activate Windows" button, you can use it for the intended purpose. KMSAuto Net issues a confirmation window after activation to add an automatic re-activation cycle to the task scheduler. In the future, we should pay attention to the time of the task of automatic re-activation, in KMSAuto Net, the default cycle is set after 10 days at 10.00. Perhaps some evening users it makes sense to translate the hours of the re-activation cycle into the evening time. The activator with the exotic name AAct does not automatically add the re- activation task to the task scheduler, you have to click on the gear in the left lower part of the running AAct shell before activations and install the corresponding bird. Follow us
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Info Hash:38edeae63c8a5c7cb41ef43aac3295d9af66c14d
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